A friend of mine went back to Davao to celebrate the new year with her family. I told her not to come back without my “Suha” AKA Pomelo or else imana break her bones into pieces. LOL. Of course I will not that do that, I am not that brutal. Well, it’s one of my favorite fruits but I only eat pomelos that came all the way from Davao cos they’re easy to eat. I think you knoe the reason why I said that; Yes they’re very easy to eat despite the thick rind.


After 10 minutes… (Check the wall clock)


Actually, I can do better than 10 minutes. Maybe 5? Owell… Let me do it again next time. Tee-hee!

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anteros' dominion said...

antakaw ba naman ni dak..hindi man lang namigay.:D

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