Twenty Ten Planner

If you happen to be reading my blog ever since its advent, you likely knoe that I religiously claim the Starbucks yearly planner since it first came out several years back cos I have shared them all in here.

TBH? This was supposed to be an earlier post (I knoe, right?) however, since I lack time I procrastinate a looot… owell let me put it this way, oral revalida is already an inch close to my sleeve so as much as possible I give most of my golden time into re-reading what I’m supposed to be reading in preparation to this “event”…so I barely open my lappie cos it sucks time bigtime.

The cover or box.


There.. I love the color and texture, grayscaled and rough like sandpaper. Cover is available in 3 variants.

Every page makes you write more.

Freebies? Yes. They’re back.

Hand and ring not included. I love how the dates are arranged in each and every pages. More spacious.


BTW, Orange Mocha Frappucino is now available!

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Chyng said...

Really, orange in mocha frap?

Anonymous said...

i personally didn't like the starbucks planners. :D for me it looked prone to early depreciation.

Beatrice said...

Kakakuha mo lang kuya?

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