The Best Day

How can I forget to make an entry about my graduation?! Duh. To be totally honest? Earthlings… I was just too busy going to parties, revelries, my own party and more parties after graduation day that I lacked time in writing about it, so.

And two weeks prior to internship got me really thinking. I should definitely spend this golden period wisely. First week was mantled to finish all the requirements for internship. And this week’s allotted for me, my family and friends.


Today, I am back in Manila currently at 30’C. Not that bad. It must be the rain from yesterday.

Me, mom & the person on the line

Anyway, I never cried in my previous graduation rites and so I thought, graduating from med school wouldn’t shed me tears as well. But I was wrong. That day made me realize the degree of gratification we gave to our proud parents and the satisfaction we achieved for ourselves; a relief from all the destitutions and deprivations we’ve gone through. Theses ideas in particular made me seriously in a teary-eyes-mode last April 14th. Really…

Me & dad

The selected class speakers made us reminisce all the experiences we went through med school since frosh year but there’s this one particular part of our valedictorian’s message that struck me the most; the part where she narrated our experiences during medical clerkship where we faced the real challenges as physicians dealing with patients and colleagues. TBTH? If college was hard, med school was horrendous.


She also pointed out how this achievement provides great honor not only to ourselves but also to our dearest parents. When I passed the medical technology board exam, I knew my parents were so proud of me that they wanted to throw a party for me. But then I refused. I was too busy way back then and I didn’t see the point of doing so. Apparently, they were a little saddened about my decision. So when they said they’ll give me a post-graduation party, I humbly agreed. I already get their point.

DSC_0187 DSC_0190

Med school is not only hard, it is likewise financially crippling. And I’m very much thankful to my parents for supporting me to this career that I chose. It wasn’t very easy but it became much less difficult for me when my family’s there to back me up. I wanted to become a doctor ever since I was perhaps born. During primary education, my favorite subject was always about science but the topic about the eyes is the least of my favorites. I remember the struggles mom went through when I was a kid to make me stick on my mind which is the sclera and which is the cornea; I used to interchange the two, IKR? Of course I nao very much knoe where the cornea is, plus it’s layers and pathologies. But then again, ophthalmology still doesn’t excite me that much.


So basically all the memories that primed me to become where I am right nao came flashing back on me during the graduation ceremony. Who wouldn’t be maudlin, e?

So there, nao you knoe that I am such a cry baby. Pft! Owell, so after graduation and 2 laconic weeks prior to the start of internship, I’ve been to parties, I was able to catch up with some friends, I had a full body massage c/o my mom’s masseuse, my teeth cleaned by my ever proficient dentist and my toe and fingernails immaculated. Everything’s so invigorating.

My teeth are ready for another year of coffee staining, my body is ready for another year of ward rounds and I am ready for another year of social impairment…

Internship here I come!

*What I haven’t done yet is to hit the beach and become sun-kissed. :P So whoever has a resort out there, I’ll be happy to be invited over… :))

Thank You, See you soon…

Emo mode.

Remembering the days when our crossroads met, I never thought that wishes desired in hills would come true and deviant prayers whispered from my deepest voice will ever be heard. I knew songs were always sad but you made me realize that songs are “songs” and are meant to be joyful and beautiful.

I will never forget the taste of sweet Dayap, the crunchy and brimful Apple Pie, the zesty Lemon Squares, Holden & Sean, the broth you simmered while I pretended being stupid in cooking cos I wanted you to coddle me, our yearnings for relaxation and pampering, our long conversations over a cup of coffee and yes also “the us” committing of not going twice to Kanin Club.

I am gonna cherish the good mornings you mumble and smiles you bring that gives me sunshine as I face toxic days. The way you say “Hello” I am really caught.

I will definitely miss your cute ways of ranting about random things when in fact and in the end you will just show your perfect, honest and beautiful smile and say “I’m ok”, just like nothing happened.

How can I forget the way you can’t look straight into my eyes for more than 5secs, on how you purposely clutch my hand when I drive along EDSA that can make me slow down, your sweet face with minimal grunting as you sleep deeply and calmly, our stolen moments in somewhere only we knoe… where nothing ever seems to matter – just you and me, your kiss, everything!

Gawd. This list will just go on and on and on…

And I’ll be dreaming of Soms, the planned trots, turning-Korean, and Sagada that all never happened. We never really had a chance. Yet.

Career is career. And I fully understand. Our destiny didn't have such an awesome plan. But then who knoes?

I honestly believe in you, you can do it!

Goodluck! God bless you.

Thank you… See you soon…

That Shoes! Whew!

To be totally honest? looking for the right shoes is the hardest kind of shopping. If I were to compare it to Medicine, it’s probably Neurology or Psychiatry. But I love Neurology so as shoe-shopping! :))

Actually, I am not that picky when it comes to shoes as long as it complements the clothes to be worn with it. The problem is, my size. I have small feet!

Today, marks the 3rd day of my shoe-search and eureka! Thanks to Bristol, a Filipino brand made from Marikina City that provides shoes for those with cute feet like mine. Not really, it just so happened that they have my size. Thank goodness! And they have incredible shoes! Yes.

While searching for the right shoes, I was able to find prospect items. Check ‘em out!

BTW, spare my feet from mockery. Aryt? Haha. Or else I’ll cut your face. :P

I already have an almost the same style of black with brown outline but I like this new one with a lace on it. Very comfortable, duty-shoes-material.

TBH? Ion’t have a brown shoes already and I envied my brother when he bought a very cool, brown, almost similar kind Florsheim (Yes, he has all the money he can buy Florsheim, WTF?!). This is very comfortable and awesome to wear for long walks and casual affairs.

This is my new prospect shoes to be used for future hospital duties. It’s very comfortable and it looks very classy.

“THE SHOES” cannot be revealed yet. You have to wait for my Grad pictures instead.

In relation to this post, well I usually don’t do this in here but I want to promote the shoes made from Marikina City. I’ve been a Bristol user ever since college days and they’re very comfortable and durable, last for years. I knoe a lot of you patronize imported brands but I think we have brands here that has better quality.

Let’s support our own shoes, let’s support Marikina shoes!

Can you handle this? The world’s biggest shoes!