Thank You, See you soon…

Emo mode.

Remembering the days when our crossroads met, I never thought that wishes desired in hills would come true and deviant prayers whispered from my deepest voice will ever be heard. I knew songs were always sad but you made me realize that songs are “songs” and are meant to be joyful and beautiful.

I will never forget the taste of sweet Dayap, the crunchy and brimful Apple Pie, the zesty Lemon Squares, Holden & Sean, the broth you simmered while I pretended being stupid in cooking cos I wanted you to coddle me, our yearnings for relaxation and pampering, our long conversations over a cup of coffee and yes also “the us” committing of not going twice to Kanin Club.

I am gonna cherish the good mornings you mumble and smiles you bring that gives me sunshine as I face toxic days. The way you say “Hello” I am really caught.

I will definitely miss your cute ways of ranting about random things when in fact and in the end you will just show your perfect, honest and beautiful smile and say “I’m ok”, just like nothing happened.

How can I forget the way you can’t look straight into my eyes for more than 5secs, on how you purposely clutch my hand when I drive along EDSA that can make me slow down, your sweet face with minimal grunting as you sleep deeply and calmly, our stolen moments in somewhere only we knoe… where nothing ever seems to matter – just you and me, your kiss, everything!

Gawd. This list will just go on and on and on…

And I’ll be dreaming of Soms, the planned trots, turning-Korean, and Sagada that all never happened. We never really had a chance. Yet.

Career is career. And I fully understand. Our destiny didn't have such an awesome plan. But then who knoes?

I honestly believe in you, you can do it!

Goodluck! God bless you.

Thank you… See you soon…

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