That Shoes! Whew!

To be totally honest? looking for the right shoes is the hardest kind of shopping. If I were to compare it to Medicine, it’s probably Neurology or Psychiatry. But I love Neurology so as shoe-shopping! :))

Actually, I am not that picky when it comes to shoes as long as it complements the clothes to be worn with it. The problem is, my size. I have small feet!

Today, marks the 3rd day of my shoe-search and eureka! Thanks to Bristol, a Filipino brand made from Marikina City that provides shoes for those with cute feet like mine. Not really, it just so happened that they have my size. Thank goodness! And they have incredible shoes! Yes.

While searching for the right shoes, I was able to find prospect items. Check ‘em out!

BTW, spare my feet from mockery. Aryt? Haha. Or else I’ll cut your face. :P

I already have an almost the same style of black with brown outline but I like this new one with a lace on it. Very comfortable, duty-shoes-material.

TBH? Ion’t have a brown shoes already and I envied my brother when he bought a very cool, brown, almost similar kind Florsheim (Yes, he has all the money he can buy Florsheim, WTF?!). This is very comfortable and awesome to wear for long walks and casual affairs.

This is my new prospect shoes to be used for future hospital duties. It’s very comfortable and it looks very classy.

“THE SHOES” cannot be revealed yet. You have to wait for my Grad pictures instead.

In relation to this post, well I usually don’t do this in here but I want to promote the shoes made from Marikina City. I’ve been a Bristol user ever since college days and they’re very comfortable and durable, last for years. I knoe a lot of you patronize imported brands but I think we have brands here that has better quality.

Let’s support our own shoes, let’s support Marikina shoes!

Can you handle this? The world’s biggest shoes!


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Anonymous said...

refridge! :) hahahah :) guuuuess whooo!!

Anonymous said...

how cute are these shoes! how cute are these shoes

dak said...

@anonymous1 - apparently, you're the popular b*tch i knoe... hahaha...

@anonymous2 - is this a Gap commercial parody kind of comment?

Anonymous said...

yes, i am! ;) hahahah! i know you miss me :)

--anonymous 1

Anonymous said...

saan yung store na ito?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for patronizing Bristol Shoes... I am happy that someone like you patronize our own Philippine Brand. Mabuhay ka! ~ Bristol Shoes Designer

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