White Lung

This is the most recent chest x-ray plate of my patient with massive pleural effusion or fluid accumulation within the  space that surrounds the lungs.

She has difficulty of breathing…

Sorry for the lack of picture clarity and the i-dunno-what-happened-black-stripes, I should definitely switch to BB anytime soon. My point of showing you this picture is that my patient manifested with shortness of breath.


I don’t have the same CXR as hers but this current rotation is giving me the same symptom…

We are underman. We lack interns in the hospital. We are just 3/4 the number of last year’s interns. Yet, workload not modified.

We never complained.

But now it’s getting into my nerves… We are demanded to do extra work especially from the record section! Can’t they hire medical transcriptionists?! Or better yet upgrade their database system?! UST Hospital is so 2K-late! As in seriously!

I just wanna say that we are working our asses off 7x/week and underpaid.

Not really happy.

Internship’s Eating Me Up

My family life, love life, sex life, social life doesn’t exist anymore. FML! The only inevitable thing in our life is DUTY.


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