25 is History

First of all, this new entry marks the recovery rebirth of my old blog. It’s been reborn a hundred million times already since July 2004 due to several important reasons but for now, let’s take another journey.

I’ve maintained this blog for 8 years now and all I can say is that a blogger will always be a blogger. And I’m just a blogger who knows what he wants. And all I want is to write and share ideas and experiences. That’s just it.

I uncluttered my blog for better viewing. I minimized the content of my sidebars, scraped off unnecessary captions & what haves, and removed some more important and personal information.

This blog is now also viewable to your mobile browsers in a very mobile-friendly way. Coolio e? And the best part of all is that you can read my entries via RSS feeds! Yay! Subscribe now! LOL.

And wait there’s still more! If you subscribe right now, you’ll get 10 medical consultations/visits for free! LOL.

Last night, I was at Jay-J’s Kalayaan and celebrated the what we traditionally call “Salubong”. A security guard and a waiter thought I just turned 22. IKR? I was about to give them the biggest tip I’ve ever given not until one of them mentioned that he thought I was a nurse. FAIL. But it’s understandable. A doctor can’t be as young as 22. Innit? Unless maybe I’m Jose Rizal. The MD carplate didn’t work at all. Haha.

So much thanks to @jrmfrrr, my ever reliable friend since HS who came and celebrated with me in one of my fave resto-bars as we wrapped my 25th-year up and cheered me into welcoming another year in my life while subsequently gulping all the bottled-spirits until I choke myself to death. Not really. But almost.

25 is already a history. I’m no longer mid-20s. I am already within the bracket of late 20s. Orrr… Almost 30. I don’t mind though cos the survey says I still look 22. Haha. And a nurse.

There are still a lot of things to be thankful for. There’s life, love, career and sex.

Foremost, thanks to God for the everyday blessings.

Thank you to my precious family who understands my precocious abilities or the lack thereof. Our current setting is a little bit complicated but I know that “this” is for the best.

I want to thank my medical circle of friends. There are a lot. To my professors and consultants who taught me the art of our profession and inspire me to do the same way. To the fellows I’ve worked with who made me feel part of the medical team. To my residents who poured and screamed knowledge on me so that these knowledge  will never be forgotten. To my batchmates/colleagues who share or sometimes abhor the same sentiments, I know we’ll make it happen… 100%! To my medical best buddies, thanks for the “trips” during sleepless duties, for the spontaneous things that we did and we still do cos we can’t make finite plans, for the “covers”, for the bed sheets and blankets, for the bunk bed space, for the cup of coffee, for the sundries of our work. Thanks a lot. To the medical clerks I handled and inspired, I’m looking forward into working with you guys again in the future. To the nurses who really made our lives easier and bearable, thanks!

I want to thank my high school friends who stayed and are still there to whatever kind of call I ask. You know who you are. You’ve seen me transcend. From a lousy high school boy to an idealistic medical technology student and now to a realistic physician. Me.

I wanna thank my non-showbiz friends. You guys rock me all the time. You make me whole. You guys form the missing puzzle in me. When I moved my things out from my old apartment a few weeks ago, I found this


and I was laughing really hard reading through the scribbled dedications. The memory just dawned into me all the events occurred that night. It was a perfect job guys! I realized maybe you guys actually are showbiz-friends at all! Haha. We should definitely take a break from our careers soon and visit Bali, noh?

I also want to thank my organically acquired 200+ twitter followers! So much love to you guys. Twitter is like my outlet especially when I’m alone and bored. You’ve been following me since December 2007 reading through all of my more than 10K tweets about conceitedness, random rants and shared happiness. Sorry if sometimes I’m a lil constipated. But still, Yay! Follow me!


To the hundreds (and still counting) of FB friends who greeted me today! Thanks muchos. They are all heart-warming. Srsly. BTW, I will not open a Google+ acct yet despite hundreds of invites. Saaaaaarrehhhh…

To those who beeped me their greetings! Salamat. You guys almost crashed my current jurassic-esque phone. :-))

And to the people I forgot to mention, maybe you’re indeed forgotten. Hahaha. Just kiddin’. To those who came into and out of my life for the past year, the people I’ve met and eventually gone, you know how I roll so you’re not really forgotten. Thanks.

Back to study mode. :-/ Cheers!

Photo 7-23-11 2 50 26 PM

I love blowing candles. :-)) Thanks for the surprise ice cream cake Nico & Jorgene!

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