Examinees, did you donate you pencils?

The Philippine Regulation Commission have this new program  by asking the examinees at the end of the exam to render/surrender their pencils (and even pens, sharpeners, erasers and what haves…). I’m not so sure of it’s recentness but ~4 years ago when I took the MedTech boards, there’s none yet. So for me, it’s relatively new.

According to our very accommodating room watchers, the pencils will be donated. There was a note/letter being passed around after the last examination stating that the collected pencils and other items are being donated to provincial schools especially to those schools with marginalized students.


I just found out that traditionally, examinees would break their pencils post-exam as a symbolism of not taking the exam again. Well, obviously I didn’t knoe there is even such tradition and apparently I didn’t do it in 2003. Well maybe because I still have to use pencils this year!

Personally, I bought a box of Monggol #2 pencils and acquired several “blessed” pencils during the pre-boards mass in UST chapel.

I brought 5 newly-sharpened pencils during the exam and used only one during the entire 4-day exam course.

Just imagine how many utile pencils can be gathered at the end of the exam if each examinee has ~5 pencils. That’s gonna be a looot!

I think this program of the PRC is brilliant because personally, I don’t have anything to do with the pencils anymore. Some examinees would even just leave those pencils in the exam room. And instead of breaking those pencils traditionally, why not give it to the needy instead?

I hope those pencils will continue to serve its purpose to our younger and less fortunate students. :-)

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mnel said...

I bought three and used two pencils during the exam. I donated both. :) I don't really believe those board exam rituals that much though I heard about that tradition of breaking pencils so as not to "use them again for the second take". Did you know that you should vandalize your chair so as to "mark" it after the exam so you won't be sitting there again? Hehe. IMO, I should have started spreading a "new ritual" just to see if people will actually do it. LOL.

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