James Abraham D. Malala, MD

TBTH? The feeling is too different way back when I took and passed the MedTech licensure exam not so long time ago. Haha. Both pre & post-results. The feeling is so much better than that!

IMO, the exam was horrible. Seriously. Spell H-A-R-D. Some questions particularly on my favorite subject are garble. So it didn’t occur to me to really feel safe that I will pass the exam. It was mind blowing and energy-sucking.

After the 2-weekend exam, I was prostrated. Kinda like I went through a choleric episode for a week! Day 1 post-exam I just stayed in the house and rested. Day 2, kept myself busy; had my haircut, read a novel and agreed to have dinner and watch the advance screening of Conan The Barbarian with my co-interns.

Day 3. I was trembling since I woke up this morning. I knew the results will be released today but I never expected that it will come out this early. I decided to keep myself busy, again. Went out to watch movies for free at the 2011 Japanese Film Festival in UP Diliman. After watching the second film, I decided to snack on some cake and tea at ChoKiss when I suddenly received messages saying the results are already being uploaded.

After several minutes, my thoughts were something like…

“OMFG, why is it that nobody’s calling me?!”

“Is it really out yet?!”

“Why now?! Why should my iPhone currently not around when I needed it badly?!”

I can’t bear the feeling. I can’t eat, focus and enjoy my Quezo Chiffon! I decided to call on a friend to know what was going on!

“Is it out yet?! Is it out yet?!”

“Yes, yes, I saw your name!”

Best-est news! Ever. Bliss is an understatement. It was the best orgasm I had for ages.

When I passed the MedTech boards, the first people I called were my parents. Since they’re in the opposite side of the world now, I called my Tita who initially wasn’t answering her phone! LOL.

I cried while telling her the news. It made my Quezo Chiffon a lot more salty. I think. :-))

I was literally crying at ChoKiss all by myself. Yes, I’m a certified maudlin on certain occasions especially if family-related. I think people were watching but I didn’t care. I cried because I remembered the hard work. It wasn’t the studying which was hard. The exam was! Geez!

So there, I am now officially a registered doctor of this country.

Thank You!

I wanna thank everyone especially my family and my closest friends who had faith in me. To those who prayed for me. To those who gave me confidence. To those who helped me in this struggle. Thanks muchos.

I wanna thank my mentors for the knowledge. I say I used 80% Stock Knowledge, 20% Acute Knowledge.

I wanna thank and congratulate my batchmates! We did it 100% at 400 years! Woohoo!

“Now where is the party?” LOL.

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Raymond said...

Congrats Dr.Malala! :) Libre ka naman!hehe

Bags said...

Congrats, Doc! :)

George Putong said...

Congrats Dak!

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