Changes In My Life

I am currently living on to my dreams. I finally achieved what I’ve been wanting since I was a little kid. That is, to help and heal. I believe those are my real purposes in life. Very Godly ministries, ayt? HEAL & HELP.

Everything is now falling into the right places.

Two weeks after I passed the medical boards, I immediately got a permanent and real job. No grand vacation or whatsoever, I took a job that I wanted. I am that competitive, noh? Haha. LOL. At that time, I haven’t even claimed my professional identification card yet but I already started getting paid professionally. I am happy. Really happy. All about this new and real job is just perfect. I chose my clinic schedule that is every MWFs, on a very opulent time, where the clinic is just a 5-min drive away from home, atmosphere is very comfortable, staff nurses are very friendly & helpful, I’m fairly compensated and not to mention lunch and snacks are free!


I love seeing patients. And this is another reason why I love my new job. I miss seeing them. Although I am only handling ambulatory medical cases, it’s actually also a good thing cos I need adequate time too to study for upcoming exams.

What else? A few days ago, I received an email from DJ Mo Twister inviting me to join him in his nightly podcasting show. I’ve been an avid fan since the show started and I listen to his podcasts when I have the time. I ain’t got real problems nor tried calling into his show to ask for help but it amuses me how people ask their assortment of problems (some are lame, some are really in need of serious help) and he wittily advices.

I think I was born to help. Not just merely the sick ones but in general. A looooot of my friends share their problems to me. That is maybe because I am such a good secret keeper. LOL. IKR? But yes I am. When someone asks me about someone else’s issues, my answer is always “It’s not my secret to tell.”. Although, maybe I am an effective listener too. A friend once told me, “Have I ever told you there’s a very special kind of comfort having you as a friend? Wala lang. You’re one of those people who can comfort even with just saying a few words or even if nothing at all. Amazing. I just thought you should know you’re special like that.” I was flattered of course.

But I don’t think it’s not because of the few words that I say. It’s just that what I usually advice is practical and very frank.

So, yes. Last Wednesday I was invited by DJ Mo Twister as his guest doctor in his Good Times With Mo Podcast (GTWMPodcast). Doctor Gan used to be the doctor of the show but he left due to some personal reasons. So Mo is now in search for a replacement. Link to that podcast episode if found HERE!


To be totally honest, I so much enjoyed being in the show. I used to be just a listener but on that night I was talking to them listeners and viewers and giving them my personal opinions. I don’t know how to really thank DJ Mo for the privilege cos the experience was incredible. He was also very accommodating and made sure I was comfortable the entire time cos twas my first time. The crew was likewise awesome.

I think I wasn’t that bad as a first timer but hell yes I was deeply nervous. It was like doing a revalidation exam again! I don’t know if I’ll get in as a regular of the show but hopefully! Cos I really had fun and I think it will be a form of another outlet for me to share my thoughts, ideas, the practicalities in life and decision makings.

Everything that’s going on with my life is so fast. And I can’t be stopped. A lot of things has been greatly happening to me and I’m so thankful especially to God, to my family and to those who support me, love me, and for bringing me where I currently am standing.

I still have a lot of dreams. Noh? And I am slowly and surely achieving these. I may be regretting a little for not taking my residency training immediately here in the Philippines but I am preparing to pull myself out of this town to win anytime soon! :-)

But for now, I will be busy to heal and help you. :-)

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