Grab It!

Orrrr someone else will!

We all have major life decisions. In our very competitive world, the first person to grab an opportunity will most of the time get that chance and take it home. So it still holds true that the early bird catches the worm. It pays off to be early. I’m not saying I never get late. I am punctual but I also have flaws when it comes to time management… Then again, it’s true that the earlier you start, the more you will get in return.


Actually it’s as simple as comparing it to the pop Fire Floss. IKR? It’s my favorite bun in Bread Talk. Well it is the only bread that I buy there. The catch is, it’s always consumed! It’s likewise the crowd’s favorite! Everyone loves it! So whenever I pass by any Bread Talk branch and I see them putting freshly baked Fire Floss on display, I immediately grab a tray and buy a dozen. That’s how it works.

To be totally honest, I was already searching possible jobs online while still waiting for the release of the board exam results. IKR? I was that confident! LOL. The competition is hard and I knoe that I have a lot of batchmates who also want to start earning money as soon as possible. Talk about already aged 26 and are still asking our dear parents for gas allowance. While most of us will immediately take the chosen residency programs, I on the other hand will have to wait and take further exams so that I can train somewhere else but here.

There goes my enthusiasm in finding a job that early. I badly needed a job. I ain’t a student anymore. I’m a middle-aged physician who’s majorly dependent to his parents. How pathetic, noh? No offense to some but for me I feel ashamed already. So since I have my license now, why not use it!?

Quoting my good friend Eugene Lao in his Facebook status,

“I realized na ang labanan sa moonlighting job ay hindi nadadaan sa CV or experience kundi sa bilis ng internet connection! Haha Globe internet you're failing me!!”

It’s true. Shotgun! Touch-move! When I found an opening in the clinic where I am currently employed, I immediately worked on my curriculum vitae for what(?) ~5minutes(?) and emailed it which was super uninspired and unedited. I was then surprised the next day that I was already invited for an interview. A week after that, I got the job. I am already treating patients on my own! And it happened in a snap.

So, grab lang nang grab! Unless you can’t afford it. :-P

I know that sometimes it’s hard to make certain quick decisions especially when the opportunity is already in your hands and that if you let it go, someone else will make a beeline for it. If you have doubts and not 200% sure of taking it, then just let it go. It simply means that you’ll never be happy eventually. Because apparently, there is is/are reservation/s deep inside you. So just let it go and let another person be happy.

Same is true in a relationship, always take a chance. Randy Crawford said in her song,

Love begins with one hello… …One hello is how it starts…”

Always say hello. Be friendly. Be nice. And be decent. It wouldn’t hurt if you say yes for a dinner. One dinner doesn't necessarily mean an outright follow-up sex orrr a subsequent movie date the next week. If you’re not comfortable with the idea of immediately having a dinner date, then I suggest you agree with just grabbing a coffee or tea instead cos if you ain’t like the company, it’s easier to get out of the situation with just a cup of drink in your hand… But then if you had a blast or a connection happened during a coffee date, it will be nice to have a follow up dinner after. *Piece of advice: Not a movie date on the first meeting.

But then again, quoting Jen Lindley in his goodbye message to Amy her daughter,

“…when you find that love, wherever you find it, whoever you choose, don't run away from it. But you don't have to chase after it either. You just be patient, and it'll come to you, I promise, and when you least expect it…”

You must know your limits. Know your place. Take a chance but don’t let it kill you. You might win it all, but you may also lose your heart.


So, grab lang nang grab! If you ain’t happy, then move on to the next! <just like the sushi in the mini conveyor LOL>

“The early bird catches the worm…”

But what if the early bird just wanders around keeping the time pass by itself?

Well that’s a different story.

Kung “daig ng maagap ang masipag”, baka nga magkapatid sila. It simply shows that these two qualities go hand in hand to success. :-)

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Gel said...

I really like this post. Very well said :)

marc said...

Awesome post! Fun-read.

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