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I got this new TV series that I’m watching aside from the everybody-knoes-I’m-watching-Greys. It’s entitled Hart Of Dixie. Initially, I was hesitant to start watching it because I dowana spend too much time on TV but since a friend suggested it and said that I can super relate to the story and so I began.

And I am hoooooked! It’s the series of my life <of course except that Hart is a hot, female surgeon>


The story revolves around Zoey Hart who is a doctor. After her graduation in med school, an old man offered her a job in Alabama as a General Practitioner (GP) but turned it down because she got major plans. She went to a surgical residency program in New York City and planned to take her Cardio-Thoracic fellowship following the footsteps of her “dad”. But her dreams fell apart after her boyfriend dumped her and she wasn’t accepted to take the fellowship program because a mentor said she lacks “patient-care”. She was then advised to have her own practice first. This made her remember a job offer yesteryears which made her decide to move to Alabama to have her own private practice. There she discovers the deeper meaning of practice of medicine, love and friendship.

Just like Dr Hart, I am hardcore. I may not have graduated as one of the top players in my class but yes I am hardcore in my very own rights. Haha.

Even before graduating in med school, I have my own big plans too! I underwent internship program in a prestigious hospital, acquired a desirable mark in my board rating, and scouted for hospitals that will give me the best Internal Medicine residency training compatible to my personality.

To be totally honest, I already put my mind set into 2 hospitals of my choice. Philippine General Hospital (PGH) and National Kidney & Transplant Institute (NKTI). I even got my NKTI application already before I even take the boards! I was that dedicated.

NKTI: “We usually accept applicants on September after the boards, but anyway here’s your application form.”

Although, right after taking the boards my parents talked to me about the option of taking my residency training in the US. I was like, “Whut???”

I know, right?

First of all, it’s a privilege to receive such offer especially from parents to take the residency training somewhere else. If med school in the Philippines is a financial burden, to go into training abroad is considered a possible bankruptcy.

Second, I love my life in here. I am not complaining. I have several reasons why I love it in here. Basics: practical and easy.

Third, practice of medicine is a loooot easier here compared to a foreign land especially the US where lawsuits and medical insurances are popular.

I told “the ‘rents” about the option of taking my residency here instead then fellowship training somewhere else after. Cos if I want to train abroad, I still want to go back and do my private practice in here. And to establish a firm foundation of my name as a doctor in here, least I can do is to do my residency training in here first. So much “HERE” in this paragraph, but yes that’s how I can simply put things in HERE. LOL.

The problem with that is, training outside the country requires me and actually every single doctor out there who plans to train abroad to take their country’s medical boards equivalent. Not, unless I train in Brasil where our medical boards is fully accepted. And I dowana do that (medical boards again?!?!) after my residency training cos twud be a lot harder for me to dig basic medical knowledge at that time.

So I weighed the pros and cons.

A lot of people know especially the people I’m very close with that I am the kind of person who doesn’t settle. I don’t want to say it’s my principle even before Steve Jobs made it popular but I just don’t. Really. Settle? No.

I accepted my parents’ offer because it will do me good in my profession. For sure & I know that I’ll transcend even better. And I am confident that the attachment and love that I have in this country will always be the same. And that I can just go back and help whenever I want.

I am also the kind of person who embraces change. I am hungry for medical breakthroughs. And it doesn’t happen in our country years after it’s already obsolete to some. I want change, to a lot of things. For the betterment of everything.

And while I am still young, why not live it to the fullest!? Travel <which I really miss and love>, explore, be in a different place and taking chances.

I also don’t want to be stuck in a rut. I’m not boring, right?

So there, just like Dr Hart I am setting aside my dreams to give way for my even better fantasies. And before pulling myself out of this country <which is anytime soon>, I am currently practicing as a GP trying my best to give to our countrymen the knowledge and skills that I have and to learn and enhance more from the patients the compassion which has been inside of me all along.

Anyway going back to the medical drama series topic of this blog entry, Dr Hart is deviant. People don’t trust her as a doctor because she’s too pretty to be one and by the way she dresses herself to the clinic or in the public which I can so much relate cos people still think that a doctor should be always prim and proper. No, no. Think again people. Don’t judge a book by its cover orrr by its movie version. Haha. I once encountered a patient who thought I was just 18! Well, I don’t know if twas a compliment but I found it a little sneaky way of saying I’m too young to be treating her.

In the first 4 episodes of this series, Dr Hart met a lawyer which made it more interesting cos I am also fascinated with lawyers. I need someone who will defend me just in case I get a lawsuit. haha. Kidding!

Ok, this post is too long already I bet it’s getting boring. Adios!

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WanderGirl said...

I think I wanna watch this... just because it's Rachel Bilson. Hehehehe.

- Bags

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