My Tote-ful Stories

Why, when & where do I use my totes?

The story about my fascination with tote bags started when I was still reviewing for the board exams. These tote bags are most of the time labeled by fashion critics as not really fashionable at all. Well, that statement is half-true.

They usually don’t look good to a certain extent. Cos they’re not suppose to be used when one is formally and elegantly garbed. But these bags that I am talking about are very useful to people who are always on the go. They look good and are precious during casual events and everyday pointA-to-pointB activities. They’re very spacious and durable. Besides, tote means “to carry”. So carry all the way with your tote! :-)

During my preparation for an exam, I have these tiny satchel-fit books/reviewers that most of the time contain summaries of what I learned in med school. But relying on these reviewers alone is not a very smart idea… at least for me. I still hafto bring with me several huge & heavy books because instances happen that recalling specific subject matters just don’t occur in a snap. These huge books then serve as my references. That’s the time when I have to depend on these tote bags to contain all of my heavy Bibles. :-))


It’s a lie if I say as physicians, we don’t get gifts from pharmaceutical companies. It’s a given & a relatable fact that we receive small freebies from drug companies like pens, stationaries, bags and what have yous. The most popular and in demand are these huge tote bags. They actually all look the same… boring and square but picking the right color reflects one’s personality. We usually use them to pack our sundries when we go on duty. But personally, I don’t. I use duffel to go on duty. I prefer to be different. :-P

Hint: These bags also reflect the owner’s specialization. How? Check on the generic/brand name labeled on these bags. <e.g. A physician handling a bag labeled with amlodipine branded as Norvasc may be considered a Cardiologist. A bag with azithromycin branded as Zithromax on it is probably owned by an Infectious Disease Specialist. A sildenafil AKA Viagra bag is most likely a bag of an ED specialist. :-))>


I also bring totes to the groceries. You know why? You know why? Cos I was once asked to pay for each of the plastic bags to contain all my grocery items. I know right? It started when SM Supermarket initiated their GreenBag Advocacy. So in order to reduce the use of plastic bag in shopping, they implemented a specific day when shoppers have to pay for the plastic bags used unless they bring recyclable bags/totes to contain their items.

I think it is a smart idea by the SM to have an eco-friendly advocacy.

How about you? Do you have a tote story?

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