It hurts

Just like a pair of brand new shoes.

But you still wear it cos it looks good on you.


And you just keep on wearing that single pair because it doesn’t just look good on you. But because you love the pair. And as time goes on, as you get used to it, it becomes more and more okay to wear it all the time.

The pair of shoes that we choose makes us happy. But the question is, how was the experience way back when you started wearing it? Horrendous. Difficult. Uncomfortable. The real catch however is, how did you deal with it? Pads. Socks. Bandages and what have yous do it yourself ideas.

Everything at the start may be difficult for us to handle but if we really love it, then that difficult part will just go away eventually and naturally. And so we never stop. We make remedies. We do crazy things to adapt.

We go on, wear it until it feels okay. Better. Happy. Comfortable.

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Mac Callister said...

pabling ata ako!i love all my shoes! LOL

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