Office Ensembles, November 2011

We are in this transition of season from the hot & humid weather to now being colder and colder each day. And I see the rise of medical complaints ranging from cough to runny nose accompanied by itchy throat, persistent sneezing and skin lesions; Allergic cough, seasonal allergic rhinitis and hives. These are the common out-patient problems nowadays. In relation to that, I made a transition too on how I dress up at work. From the more comfortable ones to the advent of playing with clothes such as colors and layers.


Dress Shirt: vertical grey stripes, Vintage Ed by Guess
Stethoscope: 3M Littmann Select
White Medical Coat: Nikko’s Tailoring


Dress Shirt: 101 New York
Suspenders: dark blue/white, striped by McJim


Scrubs: camouflage, B.T. from AFP Medical Center in V.Luna, QC
Baseball Raglan: black/white, cotton by Russell Athletics


Dress Shirt: white/black, double-collared by Folded & Hung


Collared Tee: blue, striped by Gap
Belt: black leather by Armani Exchange
Trousers: denim, Guess Jeans
Carabiner: black, gift (car key)

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Anonymous said...

hi doc..i just want to ask where'd u buy ur steth id tag? i saw a pic of it in one of ur previous post..tnx!

dak/james said...


The ID tag of my Stethoscope is by 3M Littmann as well. Got it in the US when I got that Littmann Select. I've been searching the same kind here in Pinas but there's none so far. All that is available here are the ones you have to wrap or clip around the tubing which is quite unstable and easily detached. Hopefully twill be available soon in our country. Or try in the Littmann webpage, you might be able to have it shipped. :-) Thanks for dropping by.

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