It’s All In The Mind

For the past Sundays of attending church services, I noticed that Pastor Ed was constantly reminding the church about the effects of our thoughts to our daily lives. A person who always thinks that something will go wrong is in actuality being robbed of happiness TWICE. Why? First, cos he can’t enjoy his current supposedly happy moment and second, he will eventually get frustrated and sad when that bad thing didn’t come. The emotions that we feel and the actions that we emphasize all start in the mind and the state of our minds dictates the kind of life that we have.


And it’s not just always on how we absorb or put assortment of thoughts in our minds. It’s also about changing how we see things. One popular example I read in @twitter was, when Titanic sank a hundred years ago everyone was devastated; it was tragic, but for sure the lobsters in the ship’s aquarium ready to be served as Ravioli that night were all very happy. Did you get the point? It’s about perspective. Of course the lobster example was lame but I’m just making an essence out of the story.

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