Citrix Of Mibre


That’s his real name. Son of Brix of Tomski & Samantha of SGE II. But I call him Taco. Short for Taquito. Aside from being Mexican in origin, the fur is fawn like a taco shell hence the name.

My family loves pets. Any kind. I remember that we kept a mynah in our porch but we had a hard time teaching it words to repeat. Haha. Me and my siblings were still too young then that dad had to sell it. I think. We also raised a carp for several years, initially the size of a penny until it grew like a plate then died, probably cos of old age. Other animals that we had as far as I can remember were rabbits, hamsters and a monkey named Sharon. Currently we have a persian cat named Rain and several shih-tzus sheltered in the province. My mom and my sister are the ultra animal lovers, like they can literally kiss the dogs.

A month ago, I decided to get my own puppy. And by “get my own” means that I acquired it using my own money and gonna raise it in my own expense. I initially thought of bringing one of our shih-tzus, EmEm here in QC but I’ve seen how to handle her kind of breed; super ultra high-maintenance… so I did a little research and found a compatible dog for me, a chihuahua.

So why did I get a puppy? I‘ve read before, like a long long time ago in a modest blog that if you are able to raise or maintain an aquarium, you might as well be able to handle a relationship/family and the stressors. I know, right? It sounds too ridiculous to compare handling a fish/aquarium and a real life relationship and situations. I was like, “What kind of shit-nitz this author is talking about???” but eventually I got the author’s point, raising a fish/s or maintaining an aquarium for that matter is a no joke (really, not at all), it requires ultra extra efforts. I know cos I’ve also tried. Haha. The fish died just so you know. So before even getting an aquarium per se, everything must be planned; the type of fish to raise, the water, the contents, the accessories. The water has to be properly prepared, cleaned and maintained in a strict manner; temperature, pH, salt content, sun exposure, etc. An aquarium owner should be very scrupulous or the fish/s will die; or as that blog author and now I compare it with a relationship if not being handled well, it will not last.

I’m still wanting a fish to keep but for now, I am laying and focusing my extra time raising Taco. I am emulating the concept of maintaining a fish aquarium to raising a dog. I believe there’s not much of a difference. Raising a dog is not at all easy hoo-ba-loo voila-done especially the type of Taco’s breed cos they’re very sensitive to a lot of diseases, violence and traumatic handling. He will already turn 5months on February 18 and so far, I think I’m doing a pretty good job being like his dad. LOL. He’s getting fat big fast. I bet his vaccination schedule is more updated than mine and I reckon I’ve raised him too attached to me though, is that a bad thing? Cos he can’t sleep if not in my bed beside me or if ever I’m not at home beside anyone else.

So far, one of the important lessons I’ve learned while raising Taco is that everything beautiful is hardwork. There is no easy way. Do you want money? Work hard for it. D’you want a good and lasting  relationship? Work hard for it. Do you want to raise good kids? Work hard for it.

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