Office Ensembles, December 2011

First of all, I would like to greet my readers <if there are… actually… haha.> a very merry Christmas & a happy new year! I know it’s so delayed but I’ve been very busy in December. Last month, I still saw patients on a regular basis which is kind of unusual for a private-practicing doctor like me who would usually just take a vacay from doing clinics. I also took my first step exam for the US medical boards and I don’t want to talk about it. Yet. I technically died right then and there. LOL. & when I say I was busy, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s all about work and career, I likewise attended several partieeeees. The most remarkable were the 3 weddings in different parts of Luzon. I know right? I am already in the generation when my batchmates are getting engaged, taking their vows and eventually having kids.

Office attires for December were mostly if not all are play with layers, use of heavy fabrics and contrast between strong and dark colors because it’s the only time of the year in the Philippines when it gets really cold. Not really as cold as the winter of the northern hemispheres but it usually gets comfortably colder than usual. It’s the time when we get the chance to wrap ourselves with extra clothing and what have yous.


Scrub Suit: Blue, SurgiScrub
Raglan: Blue/White, Old Navy
Stethoscope: Maroon, 3M Littmann Select


Tee: Brown, collared, Armani Exchange
Belt: Black, leather, Armani Exchange
Trousers: Denim, Levi’s 514 slim straight


Tee: Yellow, collared, Folded & Hung
Sweater: Brown, Dean & Trent


Tee: Green, collared, Oxygen
Cardigan: Blue-gray, Folded & Hung


Dress shirt: Red/Black, checked, Dean & Trent


Dress Shirt: Brown-ish, plaid, Oxygen
Sweater Vest: Brown, printed, Oxygen
Medical Coal: Nikko’s Tailoring

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