What’s In The Bag?

This blog will showcase my everyday travel - here and there essentials and sundries. First of all, I like nice bags… Simple & spacious with easy access to compartments. So if you’re gifting me a bag which is the main reason for this blog entry (just in case you are… hehe.) make sure it is nice (see definition of nice above) and can handle all the stuff presented below so that I can really use it. Haha. I know right? We all know how people would react and feel bad about when they don’t see us using the things that they give.  And for that matter, giving me the right bag will be perfect for me to use. BTW, All my everyday-use bags are of almost the same size as the black messenger below.


Currently using this bag for a couple of weeks now.


A must bring all the time, stethoscope!


It’s more ideal to have a separate card holder and money wallet. Wallet tends to mutilate your cards easily especially when you slip your wallet in your trouser pocket.


Sugar-loaded mints I take in instances when I can’t find the time to eat just yet. They relieve hunger. They’re life-savers!


As for the sugar-free mint, I use it in emergency cases to freshen my breath.


Murse is a man purse, by the way; to hold everyday sundries, small items, condoms and stash of ***. You may ask where’s the personal phone? Well, I don’t put my iPhone in the bag cos it’s always in my hand or pocket. I use my phone to check emails, social media (twitter: @jadmalala follow me!) and daily agendas. :-) How about you? What’s in your bag?

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