Office Ensembles, February 2012

This month is featuring my brave attempts to unconventional prints, color combination and pairing. GQ Magazine once featured earlier this year that micro-prints are in. There’s not much of a difference with the usual polka-dots, checks and stripes; it’s just that the prints hafto be micronized or ultra tiny to give a different slash futuristic effect. I also tried the what I call the “gramps-effect” which uses earthly-colored ensembles like how our usual gramps would dress-up to give a mature-look which personally is very helpful to deceive people regarding my age cos a lot of my patients said I look so young to be a physician (which got me confused if it’s actually a good compliment or a bad comment). In this set, I also included my brave attempt to combine two primary colors, not to complement each other but to show flux and digression of completely diverse colors. I ever since believe however that blue and yellow no matter how completely deflective they are would go together nicely with the use right textures and shades.


Top: Rolled-up sleeves, white with black micro-dots by, H&M


Top: Rolled-up sleeves, grey-ish to brown-esque with white vertical micro-stripes, Old Navy


Top: Rolled-up sleeves, earthly mixture of brown, green, yellow and blue vertical stripes of different width, Banana Republic


Top: Yellow, collared, Folded & Hung
Belt: Black, leather with silver buckle, McJim
Trousers: Blue, custom-made


Top: Green with blue vertical stripes, Gap
Watch: Green, Lacoste
Pen: Green, given by a MedRep
Stamp: Green, DigiStamps